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A Sign Of Things To Come

The DF95 Shootout! held on 19 July at Austin Lakes saw a forecast of southeasters at 0 to 3 knots and that was what we got, more often closer to the zero than the three and from a range of directions either side of SE. PRO Warren Rock and his able course-setter Graeme Colmer set 2 sets of top marks and allowed the racing to go ahead without too many pauses for mark-shifting.

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Austin Lakes Club to Host First Event

Newly formed club, Austin Lakes Radio Sailing, will be hosts to the DF65 Shootout at Austin Lakes on 26 July.

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Perth Radio Sailing Club/jackadder.jpg
Perth Hosts First IOM Event at Jackadder

It was the first regional IOM event since the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and as expected Jackadder was a challenge!

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Albany Radio Sailing Club/20200629_alh_inv.jpg
Albany IOM Invitational Date Change

Albany looks forward to welcoming all IOM sailors to the 2020 Albany IOM Invitational over the weekend of 29 & 30 August.

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Marblehead Class/IMG_20200620_131717.jpg
Another Red Ant Hits the Water

The WA Marblehead fleet continues to grow with the launch of another Red Ant F6.

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A Class/20200614_35.png
Howie Wins A Class Eric Fisher

After being delayed by a week a small fleet of the elegant A Class yachts hit the water at Jackadder in a light WNW breeze.

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